Hooked on alabama catfish

Your Alabama River Catfish Guide

White catfish prefer slow current; as a result, the smallest of our big-four species seek protection in eddies and holes. One of the most productive and enjoyable methods for catching blues on Wheeler is drifting the shoreline of the upper lake between the Guntersville Dam and Decatur. Though the symptoms usually abate a few hours after sunrise, some Hooked on alabama catfish are never cured.

Where and When to Catch Catfish Catfish can thrive in many water systems, from shallow, warm ponds to fast rivers. You could be Hooked on alabama catfish up with a 4-pound flathead or a pounder.

Because jugs are simple and effective, they are great for a family fishing adventure. Give fishing for catfish a try. Blue catfish are often compared to cows grazing, where two or three will hold along a ledge at different locations along a run.

The state record channel catfish was caught on the Mississippi River in Hennepin County intipping the scale at 38 pounds. Catching their prey becomes all the more easy if it is already wounded or dead, and blue catfish are noted for feeding beneath marauding schools of striped bass in open water in reservoirs or feeding on wounded baitfish that have been washed through dam spillways or power-generation turbines.

She said these fish are a safe, healthy food she confidently feeds her family. In addition to catfish farming, she is vice chairman of the Peoples Bank of Greensboro, serves on the Southern Academy board of trustees, The University of Alabama Honors College board of visitors, serves on the department of Camp McDowell and is a member and trustee of St.

There are three floatable sections: There is no known cure for the fever you are likely to get from catching catfish. He is known as "the blue cat collector" and always practices catch and release. Joe was by far the best. Well the proof is in the pudding, a 47 pound river monster my first trip.

Catfish use their heightened senses of smell and taste, along with their barbels whiskers to locate food in the dark. But, it's old blue that gets him on the lake most often.

Access to the upper lake is good, with eight boat ramps upstream of the I bridge. When Irwin is not conducting research, you will probably find her out fishing. An excellent method for catching aggressive white cats is jug-fishing, with four dozen jugs often producing catches of 60 fish per day.

Make both leaders on the swivel-set less than 12 inches long.


You're going to find them in the main lake on bluff walls and edges. Fishing for whites is good everywhere the current is slow, but there are a couple of hotspots recommended by biologists.

Attempting this stretch should be restricted to the wetter months to avoid having to drag your canoe or kayak over the shoals. Before heading out to any of these lakes, be forewarned.

Even though catfish thrive in our rivers and reservoirs, the probability of catching a record fish may equal that of winning a lottery. The more knowledge you have on the types or reels, the higher the chances of you catching more catfish.

Though they prefer slow to moderate current, this species also lives in our swamps and oxbow lakes. As mentioned earlier, the more expensive ones are of a better quality. The same reel will not produce the same results while fishing for blue catfish.

Barton fishes Pickwick for catfish throughout the year, but is particularly fond of early summer fishing when blue cats can be found preparing for the spawn that occurs in Junem and channel cats are coming off the spawn and are ready to eat.

Slip the hot dog on a hook with a weight above and put it in the water. The humps at the mouth of Indian Creek are also one of the better blue-cat spots - anywhere in that whole section of the river.

One half of that island is in Mississippi, and one half's Tennessee - but it doesn't matter as far as your license. When Alabama Power operates its turbines at Mitchell, the water moves to the east bank to create a reverse flow on the opposite shore.

Catfish facts Minnesota has two species of catfish:. The Bullbuster Community Catfish Master This is an article featuring one of our most active members of the Bullbuster Community. Over the past year Corey Jones of Team Reel Deal has shown his ability to successfully land big catfish consistently on the Potomac river.

Below you wil. Hooked On Alabama Catfish Georgia is known for peaches, Kentucky is known for horses, Florida is known for oranges. But what is Alabama known for? Let me give you a hint: It is 2nd in the nation behind Mississippi, it employs 9, people, and we are known for having the world’s largest processing plant in this.

Some of you have probably. Select from the fish species below to add recipes, comments, photos and more! You can also "watch" any of the species listed below and stay up to date when other anglers add comments and recipes.


Or the many anglers that have successfully hooked and landed striped bass and catfish, in excess of 30 pounds. It also has an excellent bream population, an abundance of catfish, hybred-striped bass, white bass, and even a decent sized crappie population.

Patchen fought the catfish hooked on his Zebco 33 with pound test line for nearly two hours.

Jugging For Catfish

weight and measurements and to have the application notarized. The official measurements were inches in total length, with a girth of inches.

Lake Wedowee is the Place to Be in Alabama In the recent early winter issue of Lake Wedowee Life in my, “Hooked on Lake Wedowee” section I contribute monthly, you may have read about it. No, we are not talking about with the use of live bait. Live bait is for targeting fish such as bream, crappie, catfish and maybe even striped bass.

Hooked on alabama catfish
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