How to use basic algebra in the paralegal profession

Special funds accounting is used for control since profit motive cannot be used as a measure of efficiency. Office Filing Skills The Office Filing Skills test measures the ability to categorize and alphabetize items using basic filing procedures. Courses must be taken in the sequence published in the sample program of study.

PLA: Paralegal/Legal Assist/Adm

Focusing primarily on the protections of the accused as dictated by the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, this course covers the various ways in which the US criminal adjudication system defines the roles of police, prosecutors, grand juries, defendants and victims.

Students interact online with other professionals and they learn from practitioner-instructors, many who bring extensive legal and management experience into the classroom discussion.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the paralegal profession and legal ethics. All of the larger accounting firms, as well as many medium-sized and boutique firms, have specialist forensic accounting departments.

Internet Basics This test for Internet Basics aims at assessing the level at which the test taker has developed skills in regards to Internet usage as well as navigation.

Learn more… Introduction to Policing Considering a career in law enforcement. This test is designed for job candidates who need basic math skills in order to perform their job successfully. Learn more… Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint offers the capability to create professional presentations and slideshows for any project that will effectively convey your thoughts through a variety of methods including graphics, charts, animations, Smart Art and other techniques.

With this evolving role, HR departments are now able to offers unprecedented opportunities for those entering the field.

Become a Paralegal in California

May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits, but grade forgiveness cannot be applied. Marketing Fundamentals The Marketing Fundamentals test is aimed at assessing the skill level of the test taker in identifying marketing strategies, applying pricing, setting plans, conducting research as well as creating promotions.

Emphasis on primary entitles which business is conducted in Florida: Basic Cardiac Life Support BLS certification for healthcare providers to include adults, infant, children, and automatic external defibrillator AED affiliated with the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross is required prior to enrolling in program specific courses.

Our courses bring together insightful and compelling content presentations as well as constructive exercises and challenging knowledge checks to create an enriching, successful learning experience for students at all levels.

Learn more… Criminal Law This course in Criminal Law focuses on how we as a society control unwanted behavior through the application of criminal laws. Bookkeeping The Bookkeeping test measures clerical level bookkeeping skills. The results report of this test indicates the speed in keystrokes per hour and accuracy of the data entry session.

These courses take an in-depth look at the American criminal justice systems alongside corrections, juvenile justice and law enforcement. Business Writing This test for Business Writing aims at assessing the skill level of the test taker in brainstorming, proper grammar, organization skills as well as vocabulary.

The errors included are those of transference made when transferring data from one site to anothergrammatical errors, errors of calculation made when compiling simple informationand punctuation errors. A scored, multiple choice, Italian-English Bilingual test is also available.

From basic consideration principles of common law through the more detailed and intuitive conclusions of the Uniform Commercial Code UCCthis course will examine the elements of a valid contract and the process for agreement as well as the different remedies available for breach of contract.

Implementing LEED standards involves proper water management, employing sustainable building systems and materials, understanding energy impacts and reducing overall footprints. Office Abbreviations The Office Abbreviations test aims at assessing the skill level of the test taker in understanding common office abbreviations.

As part of biology, anatomy refers to the structures associated with the human body and physiology covers the function of each of these structures. Learn more… Police Techniques The requirements of all elements of law enforcement grow more and more technical every day.

Paralegal Studies Associate Degree

The questions herein address scenarios that are found daily in an office environment. Learn more… How to Manage Conflict in an Organization The How to Manage Conflict in an Organization course provides students with an overview of effective ways to manage conflict in the workplace.

Learn more… Contract Specialist Contract law serves to define the various ways in which different entities enter into an agreement. Sales Correspondence The "Sales Correspondence" writing sample aims to display the writer's ability to compose a short, persuasive letter.

Stresses teaching of practical skills which enable student to assist lawyers in commencement of lawsuit, discovery, settlement, trial, appeal and collection of judgments.

These statements are what this test aims to evaluate. Built by Teachers, for Teachers, we offer free lesson plans, the latest in education news, professional development and real teacher blogs plus the tools and applications modern Educators need to maintain a level of excellence in their classrooms.

Please use a Windows Live ID email address to register at the DataChangers Academy if you want to obtain a certificate after finishing the courses.

Show what you know and get a certificate After finishing this course, you can obtain a Microsoft Professional Program certificate. INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM REVIEW. The timeframe of program review is five years, including the year of the review. studies program is to further the paralegal profession by providing MATH College Algebra 1 3 Second Semester ENGL Composition/Rhetoric II 3 GOVT Use the formula within the Watchdog report.

To find the most efficient driver in your fleet: Use the MIN formula within the Fuel Usage report to find the vehicle with the lowest fuel consumed. The inverse also holds true.

To find the least efficient driver: Simply use the MAX formula. Paralegal Studies Associate Degree. Offered at the Following Campus Locations.

Liberty Campus; Savannah Campus; Program Overview. The Paralegal Studies program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for positions in the paralegal profession.

online Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies Our university is a premiere online university offering career-relevant education for working adults preparing to meet paraprofessional qualifications in the field of law.

How to use basic algebra in the paralegal profession
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