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Over the next three weeks, the corps would push across the Douai Plain, attempting to close with the German army. As a very young man he went to British Columbia were he taught school before going into business in Victoria.

Give students an hour to work on these graphs. He came from the colonial militia, he was overweight, and he did not wear a moustache.

These included Sir Sam Hughes whose son, Garnet, a close pre-war friend, Currie had passed over for a senior appointment in France.

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There are three Currie biographies: By 30 October, the Canadians, aided by two British divisions, gained the outskirts of the village in a driving rainstorm, and then held on for five days against intense shelling and counter-attacks, often standing waist deep in mud as they fought.

Quickly rising through the ranks, he won a reputation as a disciplinarian, an excellent marksman, and an avid student of military affairs, pursuing courses offered by the professional Sir arthur currie hero of canada at Esquimalt and reading the latest military manuals, treatises, and books.

His faults combined with the natural resentment of front-line troops against commanders in the rear to produce antagonism towards him in at least some members of the corps. You cannot meet and defeat in battle one-quarter of the German Army without suffering casualties.

Currie refused to send his forces to capture the city without a protective barrage, and so the Canadians stood firm for a week. The Germans would be compelled either to pull out of Lens or to advance into a firestorm.

Deeply unhappy, he had the sense that the government simply wanted him to accept the post as a sinecure. Discuss whether it is more important to be respected by your men or to be successful on the field. The attack was to begin at 5: When Currie publicly supported conscription, he was smeared by Liberal candidates on the hustings: There are three Currie biographies: Throughout the s Currie had remained a prominent Canadian and he frequently attended the erection of war memorials or was consulted by the government on military issues.

But Currie surprised everyone by refusing to accept a reduction of his battalions. Relentless bombardment meant that the underground armies had to rebuild their dugouts every night. Most of the equipment was quickly replaced, although the Ross, which was fiercely defended by Sam Hughes, would be the rifle for most Canadian infantry units on the Western Front until In the House of Commons, Sir Sam Hughes on several occasions made statements accusing General Currie of cowardice and deliberate slaughter of men due to his incompetence.

Currie was ordered to make a frontal assault against the fortified and ruined city of Lens, which would have resulted in heavy casualties in an environment that favoured the defenders.

With the city almost in Allied hands, the French high command begged Haig not to bombard it. He is widely considered to have been among the finest generals of the war. The minister then offered Currie command of one of the four infantry brigades that would be forming up for service abroad.

After the initial rupture of enemy front lines, there was much brutal fighting. In London on the same day a memorial service was conducted in Westminster Abbey, which was filled to capacity.

Arthur Currie

Explain they will have to defend their rankings to the class. Tanks were useless in the mud. He surrounded himself with a strong staff, including many experienced British officers, but he also began to encounter civilian meddling, most notably from the recently knighted Sam Hughes, who tried to impose officers in the politicized corps.

To the surprise of many friends, Currie embraced disarmament in these years, speaking about the need for international dialogue rather than rearmament, a stance that sometimes led him into fierce discussions with soldiers and veterans.

He is the last man in the world to stick to his own plan if a better one offers. After the initial rupture of enemy front lines, there was much brutal fighting.

Two generations grew up ignorant of this Canadian hero and the Canadian Corps. Easy-going, he remained comfortable with his staff and was well liked by his officers. The faculty of medicine in particular progressed, the result in part of the close collaboration between Currie and its dean fromCharles Ferdinand Martin.

The cost in lives was horrifying, and there appeared to be no end in sight. As this affair played out over the summer, Currie was planning his first major operation, near Lens. The firepower of modern weapons rapid-firing artillery, machine guns, and rifles ruled the battlefield and the only hope of survival for the vulnerable soldiers was to dig into the ground.

But Currie was deeply hurt and believed that now he might finally put an end to the rumours that had dogged him for almost a decade. During his tenure the fund opened its first military cemetery, the Field of Honour in Pointe-Claire, Que.

That he never went within the range of shells and that there is not one man who served in France that would not curse the name of the officer who ordered the attack on Mons.

From the first he was an outstanding man among the Canadians. Currie had declined to compromise the hard-won professionalism of the Canadian Corps, but he had made an enemy of the Hughes family.

Who is General Sir Arthur Currie?

Sir Arthur Currie

A military leader of the Métis in the 19th century. A great frontier hero. An explorer of western Canada. Canada’s greatest soldier in the First World War Free Online Practice & Training for Canadian Citizenship Test Base on "Discover Canada", Rights and. Sir Arthur Currie remains a widely recognized Canadian and one closely linked to Canada’s coming of age during the costly battles of – Tim Cook Sir Arthur William Currie’s papers are spread throughout three institutions, with the largest and most complete collection at LAC in the Arthur William Currie fonds (R).

Sir Arthur Currie. Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie was made commander of the Canadian Corps in June A detailed planner, he refused to send his troops into battle without thorough preparations. Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie was made commander of the Canadian Corps in June Canadian War Museum Dr.

Tim Cook’s bestselling new book, The Madman and the Butcher, details the war of wills between two of Canada’s military titans. Sir Arthur William Currie. Sir Arthur Currie had a lot of leadership which made him the first appointed General of the Canadian army.

His military nick name was "guts and gaiters". he trained his own troops and planned with his troops which strengthened his armies. General Sir Arthur Currie: a military biography.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press. ISBN Neillands, Robin (). The Great War Generals on the Western Front. London: Robinson. p. ISBN Morton, Desmond (). A peculiar kind of politics: Canada's Overseas Ministry in the First World War.

Toronto: Rank: General.

Sir arthur currie hero of canada
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